"I have purchased several items from Adey designs and am quite pleased with them.   The products that Adey has created are beautiful and have very simple lines.  I use her rectangular glass platter printed with a classic Ethiopian fabric pattern for entertaining all the time.  I’ve also purchased one of Adey's signature purses, printed with three distinctive Amharic words for my sister who has a special tie to Ethiopia."
Sara Mahy - Silver Spring, MD.

"I love my messenger bag and carry it everywhere.  It's sturdy as well as comfortable and just the right size for what I need to carry.  I've gotten so many compliments; people love the attractive design and Amharic printing."
Lauren P. Chicago, IL

"Love my Adey Designs shoulder bag. Its lightweight and adjustable strap makes it easy to carry when you have so many other things going on."  
Sharon J. Pittsburgh, PA

"Adey Designs are beautiful, Ethiopian-inspired and modern.  I love my messenger bag – it is stylish, functional and a conversation starter with any stranger who loves Ethiopia as I do." 
Stacy B. Minneapolis, MN

"The candle holders I bought get a lot of admiration from friends for the traditional design and its nice color."
Rahel M. Alexandria, VA

"I love wearing my Addis messenger bag as it reflects my interest in different cultures.  Not only does it have a cool exterior design, it also has a fun interior fabric.  I look forward to future shopping at Adey Designs!"
Cindy S. Pittsburgh, PA

"I love my candle holders. I love how the candle light comes through the tilet design. They are a conversation piece whenever I have people over for dinner parties."
Bethlehem A. Fairfax, VA