About Adey

A globally minded native of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Adey's greatest passion is creating. From a very young age, she began channeling this energy into various pursuits such as fashion design. After Adey completed college in the US, she worked in international business and higher education. Today, Adey uses her creativity to produce stylish, functional products that reflect her homeland.

In its fifth year of business, Adey Designs has built a global following. Fluent in three languages, Adey incorporates her love of different cultures into each of her products. From playing with various languages to making designs that feature Ge’ez, the unique Ethiopian/Eritrean script, Adey seeks to share a piece of her world with her clients.

Adey is also passionate about giving back to the community and donates a part of the proceeds from sales to Ethiopia Reads, an organization that works to improve education in Ethiopia through literacy.